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The learned make each land their own, in every city find a home; Who, till they die; learn nought, along what weary ways they roam! Kural - 397

The Divine Tamil Sage ‘Thiruvalluvar’ eulogises the learned men by saying that they can become a native of any place and any country through his learning. This fact is testified by the presence of learned modern men living in cross border territories.

The Post Independent India is witnessing stupendous growth in various fields. Education is not an exception. The explosive growth in the number of educational institutions has been serving the Nation in augmenting the Human resource appropriate to the requirements of the Development Polices of the Government. But we have to be cautious about the Trend of Commercialisation and Commodification of Education which has become an evil. Hence it is up to the Public to be alert in discerning the unworthy Pseudo institutions.

Every nation has got its own agenda and aims of Education based upon its own cultural heritage. Our ‘National Policy on Education’(1986) has enshrined the goal of Socialism, Secularism and Democracy in our constitution.

The educational institutions established by the Tmt. Kaliammal Palaniappan Educational & Charitable Trust were all founded to offer education in the strict genuine sense without any dilution of goals envisaged by our constitution. The Trust is very specific in observing all the canons of Honesty in its service to the Society. Hence it is obvious that the students entrusted to us would be groomed to become good citizens of our Nation as well as assets to our country in its onward march towards the prosperous and powerful Bharat.