Instructional Facilities

Library is the Treasure House of Knowledge. Library being the real source of knowledge helps the student to acquire and accumulate knowledge. The more he explores the more he becomes knowledgeable. As such, it should be one of the rudimentary and essential requisites of an educational institution. Students are enabled to deepen their knowledge through the study of the Books, Encyclopedias, Journals, Weeklies & Monthlies. The mental exercises of the students by inspiring them to access the Library and refer the authorities in various faculties make them genius by & large.

Our College has allotted 1120 Sq.Ft for Library. It is equipped with adequate Stacks and Almirahs.

Area of Reading Room

(35x32 = 1120 Sq.Ft)

Total Seating capacity


Total Number of Titles of Teacher Education


Total Number of Books of Teacher Education


Total Number of Journals


Number of encyclopedias available in Library

23 Volumes

Besides Text books, we have reference books also meant for every Examination paper. Students take keen interest in reading the Library books, for their further enrichment of knowledge.