Rules & Regulation of the College

Our college has a sanctioned strength of 100 students.
Candidates who have undergone 10+2+3 (15) or 11+1+3 (15) pattern of study and passed the X and XII examinations are eligible for admission to the B.Ed Degree course.

Percentage of minimum marks in degree course is prescribed for admission.
Community                                         Marks
OC                                                 50%
BC                                                 45%
MBC/DNC                                      43%
SC/ST                                            40%
In the calculation of percentage no rounding off of marks to the next integer will be permitted.

The course is for a period of one year consisting of 200working days. This includes transaction days, teaching practice for 40 working days, Revision Examinations and study holidays. Each candidate should possess a minimum of 85% of attendance. Students with 75% of attendance on medical grounds will be permitted to appear for Examination after getting condonation.

Programme Content
The programme will consist of a theory component and a practicum component.

Theory Component
It consists of three core courses, one elective course and two optional courses carrying 600 marks totally.

Practicum Component
Every student will be assessed of his Teaching capability through testing his teaching competence and related records for total marks of 600 in both of his optionals.

Passing Minimum
A candidate should secure 50% of marks in each course and out of which 45% should be in external examination of written papers.
Those who have secured 50 % of marks in Practical Examinations shall be deemed to have passed